‚eirst floor
Introductory Bizen ware exhibition.

‚recond floor

Exhibition of old Bizen ware master pieces exhibition.

‚shird floor

Exhibition of living national treasure of five people.

‚eourth floor

Exhibition of late Bizen ware artists.



š ‚froup‚“ of 20 people or more ‚’‚…‚ƒ‚…‚‰‚–‚… 100 yenC‚„‚‰‚“‚ƒ‚‚•‚Ž‚”D

AM 9:30`PM 5:00
(Admission: until@PM 4:30 )

Monday every week
(The nex
t day when Monday is a holiday)
And from December 29th until January 3rd

Bizen pottery traditional and contemporary art museum

1659-6 Inbe Bizen City Okayama Prefecture
(The next of the east Inbe station JR Ako line)
TEL 0869-64-1400

Permanent exhibition admission
Adult‚“ ‚V‚O‚O yen
High school and
university student‚“
‚S‚O‚O yen

Elementary school and
junior high school